Thank you for your interest in India Open Innovation Challenge! Applications for this challenge are now closed. We will reach out to applicants once the evaluation procedure has been concluded. In the meantime, if you have any questions, please write to [email protected]. Thank You!

The first-ever India Open Innovation Challenge will open doors to one of the largest markets in the world!

This challenge brings together some of India’s most prominent companies to collaborate with innovative startups, scale-ups and SMEs with tech-enabled solutions to wide-ranging challenge statements.

This is an opportunity for you to work with companies established in the Indian ecosystem to co-develop, test, and refine your solutions, and accelerate market access in India! Read on for more information.

Participating Demand Drivers

Announcing the Shortlisted Finalists

Challenge Statements

#Computer Vision #Healthtech
How might we diagnose skin conditions using smartphone cameras powered by dermatology image recognition technology, to better serve patients remotely?
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How might we help patients with high blood pressure(hypertension) to better manage their condition by making lifestyle improvements and following medication routine effectively?
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#Safety #Robotics #Analytics
How might we explore and integrate new technologies and behavioural analytics solutions to enhance existing protocols and improve the safety of workers whilst they perform works at height, including external building facade cleaning?
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#Agritech #Data Analytics
How might we develop holistic solutions incorporating a range of technologies not only to assess and manage the impact of internal and external factors on crop and plant health, but also to develop models that can predict likely impacts and inform actions to prevent and mitigate such damage?
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#Security #IoT #Drone
How might we develop an integrated low-cost technology solution to protect high-value assets from theft and fire in remote locations?
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How might we combine sugar with Stevia and other natural sweeteners to reduce calories while preserving the sweetness of sugar?
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#Medtech #AI
How might we leverage radiomics and deep machine learning models for therapeutic response prediction of head and neck cancer?
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#Virtual Reality #Retailtech
How might Virtual Reality (VR) enable a retailer like Kmart to transform the digital shopping experience of their customers, in response to new consumer shopping habits in a post-pandemic world?
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#Fintech #Saas
How might we improve engagement and bring banking convenience to customers using an omnichannel platform integrating all social media and messaging tools in the market?
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#Computer Vision #Industry 4.0
How might we set up a future ready manufacturing facility to achieve ZERO defect assembly lines with automated inspection using computer vision and Hand Motion Analysis (HMA)?
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Our participating demand drivers discussed their respective challenge statements at our Info Session. We have curated the recordings from the Info Session, so you can revisit the discussion:

This is the opportunity for startups and SMEs to launch their innovative ideas into the region and accelerate market access across Southeast Asia! 

Main Session
Room 1: 
DS Group, EID Parry
•  Crop and plant health, DS Group
•  Plantation security, DS Group
•  Low calorie sweetner, EID Parry
Room 2: 
Apollo 24|7, HCG
•  Dermatology Image recognition, Apollo 247
•  Hypertension Management, Apollo 247
•  Radiomics and ML for Therapeutic Response, HCG
Room 3: 
CapitaLand India, TVS Motors
•  Ensure Worker Safety, Capitaland India
•  Zero Defect and Futuristic Facility, TVS Motors
Room 4: 
Kotak Mahindra Bank, Kmart
•  Omnichannel Banking Platform, Kotak Mahindra Bank
•  Virtual Reality for Retail, Kmart


  • 25 October 2022

    Challenge Launch

  • 8 December 2022

    Virtual Info Session

  • 31 January 2023

    Submission Deadline

  • Q2 2023

    Announcement on Shortlisted Solution Providers

Opportunities & Incentives

Shortlisted solution providers will get to work on pilots to co-develop, test and refine their solutions in partnership with some of India’s largest conglomerates. This is the opportunity for startups and SMEs to launch their innovative ideas and accelerate access to one of the largest markets in the world.

Winners of each challenge statement will stand to receive a grant of up to SGD20,000 to support their pilot.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Eligible innovators include Singapore startups and SMEs.
  • You will also be required to conduct project developmental activities in Singapore or have demonstrated substantial innovation and business activity in Singapore.
  • Foreign startups and SMEs may register in Singapore to facilitate and support the grant requirements.

Additional Incentives

  • Check out our challenge statements for further opportunities and incentives offered by our challenge statement owners.
Please refer to the Rules and Regulations and FAQs for further details.

Apply Now

Thank you for your interest in India Open Innovation Challenge! Applications for this challenge are now closed. We will reach out to applicants once the evaluation procedure has been concluded.

In the meantime, if you have any questions, please write to [email protected]. Thank You!


The India Open Innovation Challenge (India OIC), organised by Enterprise Singapore brings together prominent Indian companies across different industry verticals to collaborate with startups to co-develop, test, and pilot solutions to wide-ranging challenge statements.

Applications will be open from Tuesday, 25 October 2022.

Applications will close on Tuesday, 31 January 2023, 11.59 (GMT+8).

You can register for the India OIC at using a valid email address. Then, click ‘Apply Now’. You will be presented with an application form, through which you can submit your proposal. The submission will be your official entry into this Challenge. Please feel free to upload any supporting documents to support your proposal.

You will receive a confirmation email upon successful registration. If you do not receive an acknowledgement upon registering, please write to [email protected] .

For the application phase, your company must complete an application form that will cover the following:

Details of Applicant

Executive Summary

  • A quick summary of the solution, underlying technology and deliverables in 500 words. The summary should address the tangible and intangible outcomes of the project.

Detailed Project Proposal

  • Technical feasibility and novelty of the proposed solution;
  • Solution effectiveness, i.e. how well it addresses stated requirements;
  • Potential benefits and impact, such as manpower or cost savings, etc;
  • Operational feasibility, including details on how to onboard various stakeholders;
  • Business feasibility, including commercialisation and scale-up strategy, estimated commercial pricing, life cycle costs, proposed business model;
  • Capacity, resources, and expertise committed to the project;
  • Details on the POC or MVP if available;
  • Desired deliverables and / or outcomes of the project (including but not limited to tech specs, product development schedule, key challenges to overcome); and
  • Others (as specifically requested in the challenge brief).

You are free to submit as many applications as there are challenge statements. However, do note that your last application for each challenge statement as on the application deadline will be considered for evaluation.

Your submission will be evaluated by the challenge statement owner concerned, along with invited industry experts organising the India Open Innovation Challenge, where necessary. Solutions should come with some form of proof-of-concept (POC), that can be used as a trial to address problems raised by participating companies. You may be contacted should the committee require more information.

During the evaluation of all submissions, we will consider the relevance, scalability, and feasibility of the proposed solution.

Public researchers can participate by either:

  1. Registering a new spin-off to license the technology, lead by a committed and capable team; OR
  2. Submitting a joint proposal with industry partners. The industry partner must co-develop the solution, lead the proposal submission, and eventually commercialise the proposed solution.

All background intellectual property rights are owned by the creators. Any commercialisation of IP generated during this Challenge shall be negotiated separately between the participant and respective challenge statement owners.

The protection of intellectual property rights in the submitted solution is the sole responsibility of the applicant. Once the solution is submitted and selected for trial with the challenge statement owner, a private agreement between the two parties.

Enterprise Singapore would not request for a stake in the IPs developed. If you would like to share intellectual property rights which may contribute to the value proposition of the solution, it will be advisable to consider getting appropriate legal advice prior to making any disclosures to the organisers.

We respect that the information provided by companies in the proposals could be sensitive and will be handled with care. However, we do not advise companies to submit information that is deemed confidential.

Participating companies should not disclose any information relating to the provisional patent until after it has been filed. Despite that, it is advisable that companies exercise caution in disclosing only necessary information for the purpose of submitting their proposal. We suggest that companies either IPOS or engage a patent attorney for professional advice.

Awarded innovators for each challenge statement stand to win an Open Innovation Challenge (OIC) grant of up to SGD20,000. The grant quantum will be subject to the achievement of agreed upon milestones as part of the pilot. Eligible innovators include Singapore startups and SMEs.

Foreign startups and SMEs that are currently not registered in Singapore will be required to do so as part of the grant conditions. You will also be required to conduct project developmental activities in Singapore or have demonstrated substantial innovation and business activity in Singapore.

For pilots arising from this challenge that are supported through Enterprise Development Grant (EDG), awared innovators are required to submit a proposal for the grant through the Business Grant Portal. More information on documents required for submission can be found in the application form in BGP. The proposal and agreement will then be reviewed by Enterprise Singapore to determine the final amount of funding.

Challenge Partner Contact
Name: Divakar Subramaniam
Email: [email protected]